Character Knowledge

The following Splatbooks can be considered either entirely or partially available information for characters.

If not otherwise specified, the “in universe” text of these books are available as leaks/data dumps on one of the major Shadowrunner DataHavens. In the case of general or technical knowledge, the information is found on the ShadowSea BBS (all characters are assumed to have some access to and awareness of ShadowSea BBS). In a few cases (appropriately marked) the information is only available on MagickNet (all “Awakened” characters are assumed to have some access and awareness of MagickNet).

As always, the contents may or may not be reliable but the texts are considered “in universe”.

In Use

The following Splatbooks are in use for rules purposes and possibly lore purposes but the Characters are not assumed to have any knowledge of their contents unless explicitly specified by the GM.

GM Library

I will not allow rules or information from Splatbooks I do not have access to. The books listed below are the Shadowrun books I currently own. If there are in this list that are not listed above, please speak to me about how you want to use them and I will consider their inclusion in the campaign.

GM Shadowrun Library

GM Wishlist

If you wish to contribute to the GM’s library, please do not give physical books as my knees make it difficult to transport them. I use DriveThruRPG to get PDF versions of RPG books as my primary resources.

Shadowrun DriveThruRPG Wishlist


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